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 Technical Requirements/Technical Requiremen

1.  After the door is adjusted, install the safety touch panel on the door. The fixed mounting seat is 275mm from the lower end of the door panel and 105mm from the center of the door, and the touch panel is adjusted back to the maximum protrusion of 48±2mm. 

2.  Touch Pad Travel Adjustment:

Indent side adjustment (right side): Adjust the length of the connection according to the size change table, after temporary fastening, then close the door to the fully closed position, and turn the head of the contact plate Push in and indent 16±2mm from the door end, then turn the touch panel clockwise, and temporarily tighten it with 3 screws at the position where the rubber stopper "A" touches the arm, set the touch panel well, and open the door To the fully open position, ensure that the head of the touch panel protrudes 13±2mm (when it exceeds 15mm, reduce the size of the connecting plate A1, set the touch panel again, and adjust repeatedly; when it is less than 11mm, reduce the size of the connecting plate A1 extended). With the touch panel fully retracted (with the door fully open) adjust the stop "C" to just touch the arm. Protruding side adjustment (left side): close the door to the fully closed position, so that the head of the touch panel protrudes 10±2mm from the door, the same as the retracted side, confirm the fully closed and fully open positions, and determine the length of the connecting plate and the touch panel Adjust the stopper "C" until it protrudes 13±2mm from the edge of the door when pushed in. The connecting plate should be connected to the bracket and adjusted so that the door can be opened and closed flexibly. After the stroke is adjusted, drill 4 holes and then insert the serial number. 14 Spring Pins 4x12. 

3. Push the touch panel to confirm, and move the switch to adjust the method. 

At the maximum protruding position, confirm that the maximum pushing force of the contact plate is 11.7±1.96N. B” is adjusted to 3-6mm of the stroke of the touch plate, and the switch will act when the switch is moved. 

4.  The gap between the touch panel and the car door is 3-5mm. 

5.  When leaving the factory, the serial numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14 are tightly packed in nylon film bags and shipped from the factory. 

Technical Features

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