Ningbo Safety Electronics Co., LTD, founded in 2014, is located in Ningbo Beilun Daqi Industrial Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development of infrared detectors. Ningbo Safety has modern standard plant with area more than 13000 square meters, as one of the largest door detector manufacturers worldwide, devotes itself to research, manufacture, and sales of SFT brand elevator light curtains. 

Since 2014, SFT infrared light curtains were designed and developed for elevator door entrance system offering maximum passenger protection. We have obtained 15 software copyright,  and has a number of patents.

SFT light curtains have passed CE certification and carried out ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, IS014001:2015 environmental management system, ISO45001: 2018 occupational health and safety certification.ERP software was introduced and adopted in 2015.

At present, depending on excellent quality and reasonable prices, SFT light curtains have gained great market and public praise at home and abroad. We have established good cooperation with lot of elevator enterprises and distributors from Europe, Asia, Middle East, and South American …… 

15 items

software copyright

46 items

utility model patent certificate

1 item

High-tech certificate

Production R&D

It has its own government-approved engineering center with three laboratories, namely EMC laboratory, environmental laboratory and optical laboratory. It has the main experimental equipment for testing electronic products. It has its own fully automatic SMT patch line, plug-in line, three-proof paint automatic spraying line, equipment line, automatic board splitter, finished product automatic test bench, electronic workshop automatic detection equipment, etc.



1) The traceability system is fully implemented, and the product has barcode tracking from the first process to facilitate product traceability.

2) Control plans/QC engineering drawings are formulated for all products, and key points are controlled according to the control plans/QC engineering drawings.

3) All processes are guaranteed to be 100% fully inspected, and the inspection rate of finished products is 100%.

4) The after-sales analysis and improvement plan processing rate is 100%.


Marketing network

An extensive marketing service network has been established around the world to better meet customer needs with innovative products and professional services. We have maintained good cooperative relations with many internationally renowned elevator companies, and our products are sold in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, America and other countries and regions.