Category:Photoelectric Switch

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Technical parameter

Product specification

Supply VoltaqeDC13V~30V
Current  Consumption≤40mA
Detecting ObjectOpaque objects, diametet ≥ 6mm
Output  Response  Time≤1ms
Action  ModeCheck(irising)ON,OUT
Indicating LightsShielding slab checkout(Red light ON)
lP RatingIP54
Working  Temperature-25℃~+65℃
Working HumidityBelow   85%RH
Working llluminanceBelow   100,000LX
Vibration ResistanceVibration Frequency:10-55Hz(sweep frequency 5 minutes)Composite amplitude x,y,z directions 2 hours respectively
Resistance To ShockAccelerated speed:10G,xy,z directions 10 times respectively
Insulation ResistanceDC500V,above 50M between cable and shell"
Withstand VoltageAC1000V last 1 minute, between cable and shell
LifetimeAbove 100milions times

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