D Type Elevator Light Curtain

Category:Elevator Light Curtain

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Technical parameter

Product specification

Number of diodes17 Pairs32 Pairs
Distance between diodes118mm59mm
Maximum beams(distance ≥ 400mm)94 Beams154 Beams
Minimum beams(distance<400mm)33 Beams94 Beams
Highest beam≥1840mm
Lowest  beam≤20mm
Detecting  distance0-4000mm
Vertical displacement at 0mm±20mm
Horizontal displaoement at Omm±3mm
Angular displacement at 50mm±7°
work reliability2 million door movements
Light immunity≥100,000LUX
EMC complianceEmissions to EN12015,Immunity to EN12016
Operating temperature range-20℃~+65℃
Vibration testThe vibration freouency is 10-55HZ,the amplitude is 0.75mm 
Vibration directionX,Y,Zthree axial each 50min
Respones Time(NPN cr PNP)45ms65ms
Respones Time(Relay)60ms80ms