SAFETY Electronics 2016 annual company tourism activities---Yandang Mountain one-day tour

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In order to thank employees for their positive contributions to the company's development, relieve their work pressure, and enrich their spare time life, the company organizes collective tourism activities every year. It provides a rare good opportunity for the employees to interact and communicate across departments.

The company's tourism activities this year are scheduled for a one-day tour of Yandang Mountain on October 13. The scenic spots include Dalongqiu Scenic Area, Lingyan Scenic Area, Lingfeng Scenic Area, Xiaolongqiu, Lingfeng Dream Night Scene and so on. Every time we go to a scenic spot, everyone is attracted by the beautiful scenery of nature, and they all lament the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. Everyone takes pictures of each other and enjoys the joy and relaxation of travel, breathing fresh air, and the busyness and fatigue of work have been taken away by nature. Replaced by freshness and comfort.

With the careful planning of the company's leaders and the high cooperation of the staff, everyone had a great time on this trip. The company attaches great importance to enriching the spare time life of employees, and regards organizing travel as a benefit for employees. Every year, the company organizes employees to travel collectively, so that employees can relax after intense work and fully enjoy the scenery of nature. At the same time, it also deepens the relationship between colleagues, allowing everyone to devote themselves to work and life with more energy and enthusiasm.

Let me share with you some travel tidbits...