SAFETY Electronics' 2017 company autumn outing --- Tonglu Yaolin Fairyland and Red Lantern Grandma Tour

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The 2017 SAFETY company’s autumn outing was held on October 26—the tour of Yaolin Wonderland and Grandma’s Home with Red Lantern.

When the breeze picked up the first ray of morning light, all employees of SAFETY were elated and high-spirited, and set off! The destination of this trip is Tonglu Yaolin Fairyland, a famous scenic spot. Thank you for your hard work and teamwork; to expand communication and exchanges with each other and further strengthen the cohesion of the company; to cultivate sentiment and relax the busy pace of work and life.

Yaolin Wonderland is the signature karst cave scenic spot in Tonglu area. Also known as Yaolin Cave, it is 1 kilometer deep. It enjoys the reputation of "the crown of all caves in the country" for its magical landforms and magnificent rock landscapes, and is famous at home and abroad. "Fairy Gathering", "Lion and Elephant Welcome", "Galaxy Waterfall", "Ganoderma lucidum Fairy Mountain" and other scenery are so beautiful that it is dizzying.

After visiting Yaolin Wonderland, everyone came to the scenic spot of grandma's house. Row upon row of small wooden houses, lit with red lanterns, are arranged among the mountains and fields, just like a quaint small village. Surrounded by green hills, clear water, blue bricks and black tiles, small bridges and flowing water, there are more than 30 scenic spots with rural flavors, rural landscapes and rural amusements as the content, revealing a strong rural interest. Strolling in the kind and warm grandmother's house, there are various shops and workshops along Baibu Street. Listen to grandma telling stories and taste grandma's snacks. Mountains and rivers nourish the heart and know how to be grateful. At this moment, we let our mood fly and be leisurely and contented... Let us continue to unite and work hard to be a grateful and happy Saifute people!

Let's share the wonderful moments of travel...

Beautiful scenery of Yaolin Wonderland

Red Lantern Grandma's House