SAFETY Electronics 2019 company tour -- Tianji Longmen, Jianglangshan, Qingyang

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In order to thank all colleagues for their hard work, enrich the cultural life of employees, improve company benefits, relieve employees' work pressure and strengthen the company's team cohesion, SAFETY Electronics Co., Ltd. organized employees to conduct a two-day workshop on November 16-17, 2019. Quzhou Tianji Longmen, Jianglang Mountain and Qingyang Tour.

Tianji Longmen
Every scenic spot here exudes the profound Chinese culture of "Dragon", "Buddha", "Tao" and "Confucianism". In particular, there is a "Flying Dragon in the Sky" plank road with a length of more than 1800 meters and an altitude of 1000 meters. Here you can avoid the summer heat by staying in the "three volts" in summer, and you can enjoy the snow in winter from the "three nines". Appreciate the bright moon at night, watch the sunrise in the morning, see the sunset, and listen to the pines; you can climb the ladder, walk in the Longtan, live in houses, terraces and pavilions, and eat mountain delicacies and wild game, which is very interesting.

The world natural heritage, the first strange peak of Danxia in China, and the most beautiful peak in China-Jianglang Mountain. Jianglang Mountain has three wonders; Sanpan Stone is an awe-inspiring natural monument, a spectacular landmark landscape, and a masterpiece of Danxia landform. It is called "the first strange peak of Danxia in China"; "The most", the average slope of Langfeng is 88 degrees, and no one has ever been able to climb it, which makes countless tourists think about it; Ancestral Hall, Qingyang Ancestral House, Mao Zishui Former Residence.